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Cooking with Siemens

01 August 2016

Fed up of using outdated and ineffective cooking appliances? Then why not update your kitchen with Siemens equipment and get better results!

Best in Technology and Innovative Design

Siemens continually strive to produce the best products in technology and design. Striking designs that your friends will envy, clean lines that coordinate with the rest of your living space and high quality materials come as standard with all Siemens appliances. From 3D hot air cooking to the pyroKlean self-cleaning system, AK Fitted Interiors Siemens range will have an option to suit your kitchen and cooking requirements!

Fancy Cooking Features

All of Siemens cooking appliances have a variety of innovative features. The hydroBaking setting of the iQ700 ovens retains the moisture generated by the cooking process, resulting in more succulent food which makes it perfect for baking cakes, pastries and biscuits. Siemens electronic clearText display is simple and easy to read, giving you all the details you need in black and white to ensure that you know the exact time your food will be ready.

Then there is the Siemens 3D hot air cooking feature, one of AK fitted Interiors favourites. This enables you to cook on up to 3 levels at the same time, resulting in evenly cooked food no matter where it’s placed in the oven. Siemens retractable controls will make it easy to keep your oven pristine without any fiddly cleaning needed. The dials cannot be pressed in when the oven is on, so you can clearly see if the oven is on or off without having to look closely.

Cooking with Steam

The Siemens steam ovens offer even more possibilities to prepare perfectly tasty dishes with ease. Use fullSteam to cook vegetables, fish or potatoes, without losing taste, colour or vitamins. There are many benefits of cooking with steam, healthy cooking being the main one, but steam is also ideal for reheating and defrosting food. Siemens steam ovens let you choose how you want to cook your food, perfect for producing a quick and healthy meal.

Offering you the perfect balance between modern design and innovative technology, Siemens appliances sit seamlessly together in your home. If you are stuck on what product to go for, then we can help you choose the right appliance to suit your kitchen. You can visit one of AK Fitted Interiors showrooms across the Midlands for more information and advice or arrange a design consultation.


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