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Find out what’s hot right now in the kitchen, with our summary of key industry trends

13 October 2023

Over the last twenty years kitchen design has become increasingly dynamic, an area that constantly evolves with changing lifestyles, technological advancements, and design preferences. Some of the bolder and more unusual trends tend to pop up and last for a couple of years but we are more interested in those longer term trends that feel very current but are also guaranteed to stand the test of time. The trends below not only focus on aesthetics but also on functionality, sustainability, and convenience. Let’s delve into some of the key looks that are likely to be with us for some time…

Open Shelving: Open shelving is gaining immense popularity and can be seen on many an Instagram feed! It not only adds an air of openness to the kitchen but also allows homeowners to showcase their favourite dishes, decorative objects and sentimental items. This trend is perfect for personalising a space.

Two-Tone Cabinets: Two-tone or multi-coloured kitchen cabinets are still in vogue, having been a popular choice with our clients for some years now. Combining complementary colours or materials, such as a mix of white and navy or wood and metal, creates a stylish kitchen design with a strong visual impact. This trend adds depth and allows you to make a bold statement with a colour you love.

Smart Kitchens: Technology integration in the kitchen is becoming the norm. Smart appliances, like refrigerators with built-in screens and Wi-Fi connectivity, voice-activated taps, and app-controlled lighting, are on the rise. These smart features added convenience and efficiency to daily kitchen tasks. Check out the new Siemens iQ700 appliances in our Kenilworth showroom for the latest in kitchen tech - it’s been dubbed ‘the less ordinary kitchen experience!’

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Many homeowners are opting for sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices in their kitchen designs. Recycled and reclaimed materials and energy-efficient appliances such as the Quooker tap, are popular choices. At AK we are from believers in the idea that, if you buy well, you buy once: our furniture should last for decades if carefully maintained.

Quartz Countertops: Quartz countertops seem to have taken over from granite as the go to worktop choice. Quartz offers durability, a wide range of colour options, and is easy to maintain. For the ultimate luxurious look, try waterfall edging on your kitchen island and glamorous styles such as the marble-effect Carrera.

Large Kitchen Islands: The kitchen island has long been the heart of the kitchen. Not only does it serve as a functional workspace, but also provides additional storage, seating, and a focal point for social gatherings. Large, multi-purpose islands can also double up as a space to work from home and are ideal for multi-generational living.  Find out more about us and our range of door styles and finishes on made to measure kitchens.

Statement Lighting: Use unique and stylish lighting fixtures to make a statement in the kitchen. Oversized pendants, chandeliers, and under-cabinet lighting not only add functionality but also serve as decorative elements.

Pantries: Homeowners are increasingly investing in larger, well-organised walk-in pantries. These pantries provide ample storage space and make it easier to keep the kitchen clutter-free. If space doesn’t allow for a separate room, larder style cupboards are a fantastic alternative and look just as beautiful open as they do closed!

Colourful Kitchens: Whilst white kitchens are still popular, there is a growing inclination towards using colour in kitchen design. Greens such as sage are a popular choice with our customers, reflecting the trend for nature which is set to stay for a long time.  Check out some of our latest projects.

The Feature Splashback: Statement splashbacks offer a simple and effective way to add glamour and individuality whilst complementing an existing design scheme. We work with a local artist who creates bespoke feature splashbacks with your own colour palette. See examples on display at our Studley and Knowle showrooms.


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