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Induction v gas hobs - how to choose your ideal hob

01 March 2019

If you’re looking to replace your existing hob or maybe thinking of a complete kitchen refit, you’ll want to know what the options are.  Hob technology has moved on vastly in recent years so talking through the choices with someone with experience and knowledge in kitchen design will help you make an informed decision.  Come and take a look at our kitchen showrooms, AK Fitted Interiors supply a range of hobs that come in various sizes and styles which are all easy to use and control. 


Induction hobs

If you’re looking for precise temperature control, speedy heat up times and automatic pan recognition then an induction hob would be perfect for you. Induction hobs would fit well within a modern kitchen design with their sleek lines and minimalistic appearance and have the added bonus of being really easy to clean due to the ceramic glass.

Ideal for those that take their cooking seriously, they can help produce professional results.  Power levels and sensors detect pan temperatures and will automatically adjust the power to ensure your food is cooked at a constant temperature with no burnt offerings!

When it comes to safety, this is where the induction hob comes into its own, as it’s the pan that heats up and not the hob which means no hot surfaces are exposed.  Another benefit are the safety locks which stops the hob being turned on by accident.

Gas hobs

Gas is a visible heat source making it easy to regulate and adjust.  Cooking with gas provides a serious amount of heat that can be good when cooking Oriental style and other recipes that call for high temperatures.

The latest state of the art gas hobs allows the flame to be precisely adjusted with the same reliable power levels.  Digital displays offer residual heat indicators and levels for particular cooking zones.

Design is just as important with the gas hob as with the induction, with new updated styles fitting flush or near flush in line with the worktop.  The use of tempered glass within the hob provides sleeker lines and an easy to clean surface.


If you’d like to know more about gas or induction hobs, we would be pleased to welcome you into one of our showrooms across the West Midlands.

AK Fitted Interiors are family run business who are privileged to work with the best suppliers and local tradesmen and have built up an enviable reputation for service, quality and competitive pricing.  If you’re interested in what our clients have to say about us, then click here.

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