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Quooker Hot Water Taps

01 September 2016

Looking to cut down electricity costs and save time in the kitchen? Then why not update your kitchen with Quooker hot water taps, a more effective and efficient replacement for your kettle!

New Revolution

The Quooker boiling-water tap is one of those rare ‘must haves’. This simple, ultra-safe idea immediately makes kettles out of date and takes kitchens to a whole new level. Quooker taps are renowned for their functionality, service and reliability. They are highly recommended by AK Fitted Interiors and will you save time and space in the kitchen!

The Quooker COMBI is a revolutionary combination of a boiling water tap and boiler all in one. It is a single appliance that heats the water for both taps on your worktop as well being the first boiler in the world with high-vacuum insulation. If you are in search of an energy-efficient, compact boiler then AK Fitted would recommend that you go for the Quooker Combi as it serves both purposes.

Save Energy and Water

With an electric kettle, you often heat up far more water than necessary. How many times is the kettle boiled, is then forgotten about and then has to be boiled again, wasting more time and energy. Whereas the Quooker allows you to heat up the exact amount of water that you need at an extremely low energy consumption of 3 pence per day.

When you want hot water from your kitchen tap, you spend time running until you get to the right temperature as well as wasting water whilst you are waiting. With the Quooker, you use just the amount of water that you need. The Quooker COMBI sits right below the tap, in your kitchen cupboard, eliminating long runs of piping from the boiler. This means that you can get hot water without delay, meaning that it will be cost-effective and more efficient.

Offering you the perfect balance between modern design and innovative technology, Quookers hot water taps sit neatly under your kitchen sink creating more space and saving you valuable time. If you are after more information on the Quooker products, then we can give you all the knowledge that you need. You can visit one of AK Fitted Interiors showrooms across the Midlands for more information and advice or arrange a design consultation.

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