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The benefits of working from home

01 November 2017

There advantages of working from home - from the employee point of view you can kiss goodbye to the commute, from the employer's perspective it means less office space is needed! These are just a few reasons we're seeing a shift towards more flexible working for employees.

Here are some other reasons why we at AK Fitted Interiors believe that working from home is the future:

Retaining employees

Hanging onto working parents can be a difficult one, so giving them the option to work from a home office so they can juggle childcare responsibilities is something to consider.

Access to a wider range of candidates

These could be disabled people who prefer to work from home, or employees that can be located near to clients rather than the office.

More productivity

It's a well-known fact that staff get more done when working from home due to fewer interruptions and less commuting time.

Motivate your staff

You will find that allowing your staff to work from home will reduce stress and sickness levels, so everyone benefits.

Financial gain

Home working is beneficial to employers as you will save money on office space and other facilities. So, setting up your employees with a home office really does mean you can save cash.

Getting the work-life balance right

As Employees working from home can lead to improvements in their health and well-being which in turns means less time off sick and a rise in work rate.

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